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En CAFE PREMIUM SEGOVIA, we are committed to providing a quality product to all our Customers. And thanks to this we managed to Placing Our ​​Brands in different segments of the American Market Center.
We have a staff highly qualified in each of the processes to bring our products from the field to your table.

Enjoy Of Our Products, Such As:

Coffee Dipilto Beans and Ground, Presentation available in 14.09 onz (400g)
Café Premim Segovia, Presentation available in 14.09 onz (400g), 7.045 onz (200g) and ONZA.
Café Diriangen, Presentation Available 14.09 ONZ(400g).

Segovia Cereals

Corn Drink Mix, Barley Drink, Cocoa and Orgeat Mix Powder. All Available in presentation 14.04 onz (400g)

Each and every one of our products holds the Culture and Tradition of Our Towns.




New coffee variety scores 90 points in Nicaragua Cup of Excellence competition

A coffee variety called Centroamericano, part of a new class of F1 hybrid varieties, has proven its quality potential by earning a score of 90 out of 100 points in the world’s leading competition and award for high quality coffees, the Cup of Excellence®, Nicaragua.

The coffee took second place in the Nicaragua competition and was grown by Gonzalo Adán Castillo Moreno. Mr. Moreno’s farm, Las Promesas de San Blas, is in the Northern region of Neuva Segovia, near the border with Honduras. The jury, comprised of expert cuppers 9 countries, scored the coffee a 90.50, giving the coffee the nation’s prestigious Award, which only recognizes coffees that score 90 or above out of a potential 100.

The tasters described the coffee as balanced with complex fruit flavors and aromas including cinnamon, peach, cherry, raspberry, stone fruit, rum chocolate, hazelnut, raisin, fig, pineapple, peach, and lime.


172016 February

Really Caffeeine Keeps You Alert?

"If every morning you need a coffee to finish awakening, this interests you", the most popular drug in the world and the most widely used: more than 2,000 million cups of caffeinated beverages consumed daily. In many places, the caffeine comes mostly from coffee.

About 15 minutes after drinking it, you begin to feel its effect, which can last for hours. It is a neural shake that many of us rely to think in the morning. And others, to feel mentally agile throughout the day.

But is it true that caffeine, in all its forms, it really works? And, if so, how? How do you drug yourself? It is common to find the misconception that coffee is the only one that contains caffeine, but is present in many products. For most people, consume up to 400 milligrams a day is not a problem. In the case of pregnant women, it is recommended that consume less than 200 milligrams.